Resources for Spiritual Nurture

Quaker Books and More

QuakerBooks & More is a ministry of Friends General Conference that serves Quakers, Quaker meetings, and interested individuals who are spiritually inquisitive.

As the first part of our name implies we carry books, pamphlets, ebooks, curriculum, and the like that help Friends and others live our lives as expressions of our faith, serve our values, and learn about the Quaker way past and present.

Friends Journal

Friends Journal brings the Quaker experience to life through print and digital publications in order to connect and deepen spiritual lives.

Quakers Today Podcast: Exploring Quaker Faith in Contemporary Life

Quakers Today features writers, musicians, and thinkers who are seeking wisdom and understanding in a rapidly changing world. We do not pretend to have all the answers. Instead we have a place where you can hear people speak from the heart, grapple with faith, and share the insights they have found along the way. It is also a place where you will have the opportunity to share your own insights, reflections, and questions.

QuakerSpeak Videos

Friends Journal publishes QuakerSpeak, a bi-weekly Quaker video project on a variety of topics.

If you are new to Quakerism, check out the Quaker Basics videos for inspiration and maybe some answers to your questions.

Thee Quaker Podcast

Thee Quaker Podcast brings stories of spiritual courage to your ears.

Friends Couple Enrichment (FCE)

Friends Couple Enrichment is a ministry arising from the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) with a particular focus on couples in committed relationships.

Couple Enrichment workshops facilitated by Friends Couple Enrichment help couples celebrate the joys and strengths of their relationship, and learn new ways to nurture ongoing joy and commitment.