About NYM Annual Sessions

Northern Yearly Meeting holds its Annual Session each year on Memorial Day weekend (Friday-Monday), at the Lions Camp in Rosholt, Wisconsin. Hundreds of Friends come together each Memorial Day Weekend for fellowship, worship, recreation and to conduct the yearly meeting’s business.

“Yearly Meeting is a place in the rocks where the Spirit bursts forth…and we can come and drink of it.” – Rosalie Wahl Oct. 4, 2002

What is Northern Yearly Meeting Annual Session?  Should I go?

NYM Annual Session is a 3-day gathering of regional Quakers, held over Memorial Day weekend in late May. We hold business meetings open to all, enjoy the company of old and new Friends, seek spiritual growth, and enjoy campfires, walks in the woods, boating, swimming, singing, and much more. Children and youth participate in a lively and popular program.

Virtual Attendance

Some parts of Annual Session will be offered to people attending via Zoom: generally the business meetings, the theme presentation, small group discussion of the theme, and an afternoon activity.


Our Annual Session is held at the Wisconsin Lions Camp in rural north-central WI, approximately 20 miles from Stevens Point.  It is a summer camp for children and adults with a full range of disabilities.  Buildings are modern and fully accessible.  Our session will be concentrated in a compact, flat area with volleyball and tennis courts, bike paths, and seven miles of hiking trails.  The camp includes a small private lake with canoes, kayaks, paddleboats, and swimming available during scheduled times.


Meals are in the dining hall, or at picnic tables outside. There are three options for meals. Snacks are available at all times for everyone, regardless of meal plan.

  • Camp staff prepares standard American meals, including a salad bar and a vegetarian option. 
  • “Simple Foods” is run by campers, who share in preparation and cleanup of meals. It is vegetarian and can accommodate dietary restrictions.
  • You can bring your own food. Small refrigerators are available in the cabins.


Cabins have 6 to 10 beds, shared with groupings like families, all-women, couples, young adults.

Many Friends sleep in their own tents. Tents can be pitched almost anywhere, from the grass next to a cabin, to the woods or fields, to a peninsula on the lake. Campers may use bathrooms in any cabin.  Motels are also available nearby.

Children and Youth

Kids usually love NYM.  Once they come, even if hesitantly because it’s new, they general clamor to come again.  The freedom and availability of lots of fun activities captivate them.  They meet with their age group every morning where they learn to treat each other respectfully while having fun and living out Quaker values.

Teens make up their own rules and decisions at their own business meeting.  Teens and middle schoolers have their own cabins where they can choose to sleep overnight.

And more

Other activities include intergenerational activities, parent connections, worship sharing, ad-hoc interest groups, music, folk dancing, games, and outdoor activities on or around the lake.

Should I go?

Well, yes!  Why not?  It’s lovely to immerse yourself in all things Quaker.

Read the Epistles of past NYM Annual Sessions – creative descriptions written by a group of volunteers attending the session.