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About NYM Events

Annual Session

Northern Yearly Meeting holds its Annual Session each year on Memorial Day weekend (Friday-Monday), at the Lions Camp in Rosholt, Wisconsin. Hundreds of Friends come together each Memorial Day Weekend for fellowship, worship, recreation and to conduct the Yearly Meeting’s business.

Interim Sessions

Spring and Fall Interim Sessions are hosted by one of NYM’s Meetings, and include community-building, learning and continuation of the business of the Yearly Meeting. All are welcome to attend.

Children and Youth Programs

  • Programming for children and youth of all ages at Annual Session with structured and unstructured play, learning, leadership skills development, and friendships with other Quakers.
  • Middle and High School retreats several times a year at locations throughout the yearly meeting area. Teens are encouraged and mentored to take leadership roles.
  • Scholarships enable children and youth to attend Camp Woodbrooke, a Quaker camp in southwestern Wisconsin. Youth may also serve as a NYM representative to wider Friends Organizations.

Other Events

  • Workshops and Retreats, both in person and virtual, to deepen our Quaker faith and practices and to help us develop skills, grow spiritually and have an impact on world events.
  • Inter-visitation among Meetings to share news and concerns, provide and to receive spiritual comfort and support in times of challenge.