NYM Journal header: Friends Enlightening Friends

The NYM Journal, “Friends Enlightening Friends” was initiated in February 2019, and is published 2-3 times/year on our website and delivered by email to NYM Meetings, Worship Groups and individual subscribers in an easy-to-print format.

Mission: To inform & inspire Friends with examples of Quaker faith and practice.

*Submit articles to nymjournal@gmail.com any time for the next issue

Content suggestions:

  1. Personal reflections & articles about people’s work & experience as a Quaker.
  2. Reflections or stories about projects or efforts your Meeting or Worship Group is involved with.
  3. Examples of creative works include: Reflections, poetry, personal insights, stories of personal life experiences, expressions of concern about current affairs, book reviews, letters to the editor. Children’s work is welcome.
  4. We encourage original work from Northern Yearly Meeting Friends, but we will accept some submissions from elsewhere if it’s relevant to us or something that an individual in NYM is involved with.

Please limit articles to 1500 words, and feel free to include a suggested image. Ideally all submissions should be in MS Word or compatible word processor, single spaced. Contact nymjournal@gmail.com with questions.

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