NYM 2024 Annual Session – May 24-27

NYM Annual Session is a 3-day gathering of regional Quakers, held over Memorial Day weekend in central Wisconsin.  Learn more about our Annual Sessions.

The theme for 2024 is “Inward Guidance, Outward Action.” What do we mean by “inner guidance” and “leadings”? What do they actually look like and how can we know if they’re real? How can we cultivate openness to inner wisdom and nudges from the Spirit? How does the inner life manifest as an outer life?

Kat Griffith will share stories from her spiritual journey — from voices to mandalas, from dreams to butt-kicking failures, from deafening God-silences to startlingly specific commands, and life-changing moments that came as the smallest and gentlest of nudges.

Along the way, the outward fruits of these inner moments reveal themselves — sometimes as taking-to-the-streets activism, sometimes in the form of healed relationships, and sometimes simply in a new capacity for joy, for connection, and for finding meaning in struggle.

In small discussion groups, guided by queries, we will explore the theme by sharing our experiences and challenges. Sharing with community is part of the process of leadings becoming action!